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Ditora EOOD

Ditora Ltd – European company for transport, storage and processing of category 3 ABP

The company Ditora Ltd is an intermediate enterprise for collection, transport and storage of category 3 animal by-products (ABP). The company has been established in 2003. It has refrigerated storage chambers, a processing site and specially equipped, licensed transport vehicles.


The company also operates outside the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. We are able to export and transport category 3 ABP throughout the European Union. Ditora Ltd possesses all permits for transport and storage of category 3 ABP. The transport operations shall be carried out by licensed transport vehicles, guaranteeing safety.


According to the Regulation (EC) No 1069/2009, the transport of ABP must be carried out exclusively and only by licensed transport vehicles. Transport of these products by unlicensed transport vehicles is subject to sanctions.

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